Update on what I’m doing…

Hey everybody,

I just thought I’d check in with y’all and tell you what’s going on over here. Right now I’m studying pretty hard for midterms coming up next week, and looking forward to a relaxing week off after that. I’ve been trying to make room for at least one hour-a-day practices, but I don’t always get that time. It’s unfortunate but it’s all about priorities.

In other news, I recently purchased some recording software called Logic Studio Pro for 200$ (an Apple product). The real purpose behind this buy was to slowly begin my own home studio thing (nothing fancy, just enough to make decent-sounding music) which I could then use to record my band (A Flooded Mind) and any other side projects I get into. I’ve been composing some midi songs recently, mainly in the progressive metal genre, which I might use to create my own side project unless my band wants to use it. Buying this software has also inspired me to take up guitar so that I can, eventually, play the riffs I hear in my head. Lucky for me, my dad is a guitar teacher so I get free lessons from a pro player! I’m super excited to start learning guitar, but it’ll probably have to wait till summer when I have the time. Oh, and once I start finishing some midi songs that I have in the works, I’ll put them on Soundcloud so you guys can go listen!

All in all though, school is my main focus right now! Which is great except it takes away from other fun things like DRUMMING! haha but yea, that’s what I’m doing right now.

Talk to you guys later!

-Ryan Clark