Wow…Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

2014 has been a BLAST!

I’ve been so busy with school, work (teaching drums and working with autistic kids), learning ASL, learning guitar, making music, and living it up with the people I love that I’ve neglected this website! No regrets haha. But really, I’m going to come back and make this page awesome! I’m open to all opinions so if you have ideas, let’s hear ’em in a comment!

In regards to drum lessons, I’ve been having lots of fun with my students lately. One of them just passed their first drum song ever (ACDC’s “Back in Black”)!! A fun little thing I’ve been trying to spice up my lessons is by doing our warm ups to fun songs, such as the old school Super Mario theme. It’s a fun alternative to the beeping of a metronome.

Also, for anyone reading this, I still have some open slots for new drum students (of any experience level). Explore the rest of my site to see what I have to offer and send me an email at:


Thanks for tuning in and check back for some NEW 2015 DRUM VIDS! woo!

-Ryan Clark

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