ONLINE Lessons

My Skype: rclarkyyyy

Drum Lesson Rates (email me at:


30 Minute Lesson – $15

60 Minute Lesson – $25


Renting Drums (See Renting Guidelines below)

Full Drumset (Rent Monthly) – $20

Sabian Quiet Tone Snare Pad (Rent Monthly) – $10

DW 7000 Series Double Pedals (Rent Monthly/Buy) – $5/$80



Lesson Guidelines

1) PAYMENT – I prefer using PayPal as the medium, unless you prefer another route. Money is due within 24 hours after the lesson ends; a late fee of 5$ will be added after that. If you are not online at the agreed upon time, FULL PAYMENT IS STILL DUE.

2) CANCELING – Contact me before the lesson if you need to cancel (1 hour in advance). I will do the same for you!

3) SCHEDULING – As much as you like, as long as we can agree on times

4) ONLINE – I prefer Skype (my name is: rclarkyyyy), though I’m open to other options.

5) OTHER – Since the Internet does breakdown occasionally, I will add some extra time to our lesson if needed. If it doesn’t seem to be working one day we can reschedule for free.

Renting Guidelines

If you’re located not too far away, we can setup an exchange for renting my equipment. I will require certain information from you (address, signatures, etc.), and you will be expected to make the monthly online payments (I will remind you).