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Hi there!

My name is Ryan Clark. I’m 23 years old and I’ve been playing drums for 11 years. Like most people, I LOVE MUSIC! I see music as a powerful entity and is the closest thing we have to real magic. Its ability to intensify any emotion with just one note is remarkable. It’s even more spectacular to be the one who plays that note and evokes these emotions in others. The sole ability to express yourself with art is a uniquely rewarding experience; this is what I strive to teach all of my students.

ME & MUSIC: My favorite playing style is metal, but I’m equipped to teach in many genres such as rock, pop, jazz, blues, alternative, hip hop, reggae, punk, etc.. Musically, I’ve been in various gigging and recording projects; I was the drummer and lead vocalist for a metal band called A Flooded Mind (yes I did both at the same time). I also played in Orpheus (progressive rock) and Diatomic (metal). I was also scouted by an ex-Viraemia member from Youtube, but declined the offer due to distance. I also write my own music (progressive rock/metal), but nothing is official yet, as I’m still learning guitar. Now, I play in a band called Worse (grindcore/powerviolence/metal). So yes, lots of metal!!!

TEACHING: I’ve been actively teaching drums since 2009. My teaching approach is basically to help you learn what you want and to enjoy the experience. If you have no preference and just want to learn the drums, I can get you going on the right track and lead you down it as you develop. I believe everyone has an artistic side that, with the right training and practice, can be expressed and enjoyed by the artist.

CREDENTIALS: 11 years of playing drums, 4 years of receiving drum lessons from Rick Jensen, and 7 years of teaching drums with people of many ages and disabilities. I realize there aren’t any fancy awards or degrees, however I feel my abilities on the drum set and ability to communicate effectively, patiently, and lovingly are of greater value for teaching.

OTHER HOBBIES: learning, reading, soccer, philosophy, psychology, special needs work, and learning languages (ASL & Spanish so far)!


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Happy Drumming!

-Ryan Clark

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  1. we live in milpitas want to see if you can teach drums for my 6yrs old boy drums.

    he has been learning drums but teacher have to change jobs.

    He is a special need kid

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