Lesson Rates and Policies

Drum Lesson Rates (email me at: ryanonthedrums@yahoo.com)


30 Minute Lesson – $15

60 Minute Lesson – $25

30 Minute Lesson (Out of area) – $20  [*See #5 below if you’re in my area]

60 Minute Lesson (Out of area) – $30  [*See #5 below if you’re in my area]


Renting Drums

Full Drumset (Rent Monthly) – $20

Sabian Quiet Tone Snare Pad (Rent Monthly) – $10

DW 7000 Series Double Pedals (Rent Monthly/Buy) – $5/$80


Lesson Guidelines

1) PAYMENT – Money is due at the time of service, not in advance. If I show up and you are not there at the agreed upon time, FULL PAYMENT IS STILL DUE. I feel this is only fair since it took time and money to get there.

2) CANCELING – Contact me before the lesson if you need to cancel (1 hour in advance). I will do the same for you!

3) SCHEDULING – As much as you like, as long as we can agree on times

4) LOCATION – Lessons always take place at your residence. We need a decently quiet learning environment and an outlet for my metronome. (Note: You don’t need a drum set to take lessons. I can provide most of what you need to learn the drums)

5) *OUT OF AREA* – Lessons occurring outside of Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, and Livermore are subject to slightly higher rates due to traveling expenses. My typical outside areas include Newark, Fremont, Hayward, and Danville, but exceptions can be made.

  • If you’re interested in ONLINE lessons (same price as regular lessons), see my ‘ONLINE Lessons’ section at the top.

2 thoughts on “Lesson Rates and Policies

  1. Hi, Do you provide lessons to kids with Autism? I am interested for my 13 year old son. we are in Pleasanton and have our own drums. Please let us know. Thanks

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